Photography by Eric Feigenson | 2012 Mass State Strongman/Strongwoman Championships

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August 25th, 2012

Complete results can be found here
There are many many more photos available of most competitors. If you're interested in seeing them, drop me a line.

There wasn't time to label every photo with who is in it, so if you recognize anyone, please put their name in the "Comments" section of the photo, if you like.


Men's Open
Under 176: 175lb and under
Lightweight: 176 to 200lb
Middleweight: 201 to 230lb
Heavyweight: 231 to 265lb
Superheavyweight: 266lb and over

Men's Novice
Lightweight: 231lb and under
Heavyweight: 232lb and over

Women's Open
Lightweight: 140lb and under
Middleweight: 141lb to 165lb
Heavyweight: 166lb and under

Winners in Each Class

Under 176lb Men's Open

1st-Seamus McNally

2nd-Seth Carboneau

3rd-Daniel Poarazzo

176-200lb Men's Open

1st-Dan Falcone

2nd-Matt Sadler

3rd-Dan Higgins

4th-Keith Surrette

5th-David Ragowski

201-230lb Men's Open

1st-Elezio Marchese

2nd-Mike Bompane

3rd-Damon Curtis

4th-Nicholas Cambi

5th-Devon Gibson

265+lb Men's Open

1st-Eric Dawson

2nd-PJ Day

3rd-Matt Mills

4th-Dan Grinnell

5th-Josh Rroberts

Women’s Lightweight

1st-Amy Farrell

2nd-Colleen Clarke

3rd-Dawn D'Onfrio

4th-Gina Cravedi

5th-Tina Levinski

Women's Middleweight

1st-Danielle Szocik

2nd-Thelma Selmendo

3rd-Wendy Golini

4th-Lisa Moore

Women’s Heavyweight

1st-Amanda Alpert

2nd-Deborah Smith

3rd-Kristen White

Men's Novice Lightweight

1st-Pietro Abruzo

2nd-Timothy Ganlin

3rd-Andrew Lambe

4th-Andrew Guarracino

5th-Jeff Bramhall

Men's Novice Heavyweight

1st-Tom Munroe

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