Photography by Eric Feigenson | RPS New England Revolution 2013

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March 23 and 24, Johnston, RI

A group of 13 lifters representing Team TPS competed at the RPS New England Revolution Powerlfting meet, setting more records per lifter than ever. No one left without a 2nd place trophy or better!


Three competitors, Kim Stabile, Christa Hodapp, and Sue Priver, train in the TPS 5-3-1 Training Group and were competing for the first time—all three placed 2nd or better and Kim set world records.

While simultaneously preparing for his own first meet, Dustin Diedrich coached his fiancée Jessica Booth, and the couple took home a pair of first place trophies—phenomenal!

Russ Smith did an outstanding job handling his teammates on Saturday before competing himself on Sunday. Fellow TPS powerlifter Rich Malloy did not compete this weekend but also really came through with spectacular handling for the guys on Sunday.

World Record Setters

Lodrina Cherne took first place and once again set World Records for all lifts and her total in the Elite Amateur Open Raw Classic, this time in the 123 lb. weight class. Her results were a 250 lb. Squat, 145 lb. Bench Press, and 320 lb. Deadlift, for a 715 lb. total. These numbers are WORLD CLASS!

Steve Brown continues to show absolutely no signs of slowing down in the Masters 65-69 Amateur Raw Modern Division, 181 lb. class, setting World Records for all of his lifts and his total: 315 lb. Bench, 250 lb. Squat, 425 lb. Deadlift, and 990 lb. total.

Sue Priver also incredibly set World Records for all of her lifts and her total at her first meet, taking the 220 lb. Amateur Submaster Raw Classic division with a 95 lb. Bench, 100 lb. Squat, 265 lb. Deadlift, and 460 lb. total.

In a fantastic showing at her first meet, Kim Stabile set a World Record, with her 150 lb. Bench, and New England Records, with a 160 lb. Squat and 215 lb. Deadlift, for a 525 lb. total in the 220 lb. Amateur Open Raw Classic division.

Gregory Langadinos also set World Records for his Squat (750 lbs.) Deadlift (625 lbs.), and total (1,720 lbs.) and set a New England Record for his 345 lb. Bench in the Pro Raw Modern Master 40-44 division in the 308 lb. weight class.

New England Records

Carlos Moran also set New England records for Squat (635 lbs.), Deadlift (665 lbs.) and total (1,700 lbs.), Placing First in the 220 weight class of the Pro Raw Modern division.

First Place Winners

Devin Draper set a personal meet record at the bench with First-Place lift of 385 lb. Bench Press, in the 242 weight class in the Pro Open Raw Classic division of the Bench-only event.

Jessica Booth had a great showing at her first meet with First Place in the Female Amateur Open Raw Classic, 148 lb. division, with a 210 lb. Squat, 130 lb. Bench, and 275 lb. Deadlift for a 615 lb. total.

Dustin Diedrich also did outstandingly at his first meet with a First Place showing of 425 lb. Squat, 245 lb. Bench, and 430 lb. Deadlift, for a 1,100 lb. total in the Amateur Open Raw Modern division, 198-lb weight class.

Jason “Shoebomber” Figuerido took First Place in the Raw Classic Open Super-Heavyweight division of the Iron Man event, with a 400 lb. Bench and 530 lb. Deadlift.

Even with some bad luck, Russ Smith still took First Place in Pro Multi-Ply Open division, 275 lb. weight class, with a 655 lb. Squat, 455 lb. Bench, and 550 lb. Deadlift, for a 1,660 lb. total.

Second Place Winners

Christa Hodapp, in her first competition, took Second Place in the Amateur Raw Classic, 181 lb. weight class, with a 180 lb. Squat, 105 lb. Bench, and 225 lb. Deadlift (510 lb. total).

Frankie Puopolo also took Second Place in the 308 lb. weight class of the Pro Open Raw Modern division, with a 660 lb. Squat, 425 lb. Bench, and 670 lb. Deadlift, for a beastly 1,755 total. This marks a 100 lb. increase in Frankie’s total over his last meet and his first Elite total in the 308 lb. weight class.

Just another day at TPS!

Outstanding job, everybody!

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