Photography by Eric Feigenson | Awards
Sorry there aren't awards photos of everyone, and the blurriness. The rain and cramped quarters made it a tad more difficult than usual!

I couldn't figure out who's who for some of the photos. If you can identify anyone that isn't labelled (or mis-labelled), please put the correct name in the "comments" field for the photo. Thanks!
TPS Strongman 2011_ERF5978Amanda AlpertTPS Strongman 2011_ERF7595TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7596TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7599TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7602TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7605TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7610TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7614Mike BompaneTPS Strongman 2011_ERF7620TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7626TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7632Brad AndersenBrad AndersenTPS Strongman 2011_ERF7646TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7649TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7660TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7663TPS Strongman 2011_ERF7671

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