Photography by Eric Feigenson | Medley
There are lots of other photos of individuals... if you're interested, contact Eric.

I couldn't figure who's who for some of the photos. If you can identify anyone that isn't labelled (or mis-labelled), please put the correct name in the "comments" field for the photo. Thanks!
Amanda AlpertSamantha LombardoAmanda AlpertTom StevkoSean McKiernanSean McKiernanTom StevkoTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6692TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6693TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6699TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6701TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6705Kelan O'ConnellTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6713TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6722TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6729David RogowskiTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6733David RogowskiTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6744

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