Photography by Eric Feigenson | Rope Pull
I couldn't figure out who's who for some of the photos. If you can identify anyone that isn't labelled (or mis-labelled), please put the correct name in the "comments" field for the photo. Thanks!

There are lots of other photos of individuals... if you're interested, contact Eric.
Samantha LombardoWayne McGuire SrTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6000Samantha LombardoWayne McGuire SrTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6009Leonard LattiJonathan CroweAmanda AlpertLeonard LattiJonathan CroweTom StevkoTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6029TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6032TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6037Sean McKiernanTPS Strongman 2011_ERF6044TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6045TPS Strongman 2011_ERF6047Sean McKiernan

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