Photography by Eric Feigenson | 2011 Mass State Strongman-Strongwoman Championships, Police-Fire-Military Nationals

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The 2011 Mass. State Strongman/Police/Fire/Military National is in the record books. We had a great day and the weather was AWESOME until the last 30 minutes or so. All of our athletes, floor staff, spectators and vendors deserve a round of applause for staying in the torrential downpours at the end.

We had athletes from all over the USA show up for one of the country's premiere Strongman contests held right here at TPS. The classes were stacked and we saw some outstanding competition in all the classes. The Middleweight open class in particular saw some tight competition as did the Heavyweight Open.

Here are the results:

Lightweight Open
First place: Steven Engels
Second place: Dan Higgins
Third place: Matt Buchine

Middleweight Open
First place: Elezio Markezi
Second place: Devon Gibson
Third place: Mike Bompane

Heavyweight Open
First place: Brad Anderson
Second place: David Peters
Third place: Josh Roberts

Lightweight Novice
First place: Sean McKiernan
Second place: Jeff Bruno
Third place: Mark Bruno

Heavyweight Novice
First place: Leonard Latti
Second place: Jonathan Crowe
Third place: Tim Munroe

Lightweight Women
First place: Samantha Lombardo

Heavyweight Women
First place: Amanda Alpert

Lightweight Police/Fire/Military Nationals
First place: Kevin Dickhut
Second place: Jon VanTassel
Third place: Paul Nicholas

Heavyweight Police/Fire/Military Nationals
First place: Mark Kimener
Second place: Rich Gregg
Third place: Kole Vallatini

Some photos don't names on them, or possibly incorrect names. If you can identify anyone, please put their correct name in a comment on the photo... thanks!

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